Shift ENGAGE | Purpose Built Creative | Digital: Our Medium to the Maximum
With core disciplines in Integrated Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital and Retail, we are a full service advertising agency that builds brands. Our creative advertising strategy is targets. At Shift Engage we believe in creating more insightful Zimbabwe work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the Zimbabwean brands and the consumer, which delivers better marketing results for all our clients.
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Digital: Our Medium to the Maximum

There’s been a lot of talk about going digital in the advertising space, but what does it really mean?

Digital marketing and advertising refers to promotional acts, services and materials that exist in the digital sphere, that is on the internet, in mobile platforms, and data stored and shared via a cloud. It is the morphing of the general sales and marketing process, from prospecting to actual ROI through follow-through leads, generated via the internet or mobile technologies. Content must be succinct and easily shareable, while maintaining informative and brand-focused value. Agencies now more than ever need to be able to fashion messages according to the needs of different media, especially through digital channels.

It is not a technological separation from people, but seamless integration into people’s lives, informing, engaging, entertaining and connecting.

Shift Engage thrives in the digital space by knowing exactly what it is the medium has to offer. It is not a technological separation from people, but seamless integration into people’s lives, informing, engaging, entertaining and connecting. Think of how you just can’t live without your phone. Or you. Just. Can’t. Without. Wi-Fi. Digital is now an essential part of life.

Greater and quicker access to information must be boosted by feedback, which is where digital channels save on costs while reaching greater audiences. We’ll just get the benefits down to 3 reasons:

  1. Digital media provides tangible, measurable results
  2. Digital advertising enhances the effectiveness of non-digital media channels
  3. Digital media may be cheaper with a wider reach


Digital basically makes other media work harder, and it has been proven that online shares are almost as valuable as in-person recommendations.

Digital advertising is proving its worth to brand marketers every day by creating new desire and demand, increasing engagement and loyalty, and ringing the cash register. Despite this, skeptics remain, essentially not seeing beyond the traditional. However, the data is in: digital advertising really does work for brand marketers.

Shift Engage luckily is comfortable in both the traditional and digital media space, and where needed, seamlessly integrates the two for effective media campaigns that not only sell the product, but change the game.