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Relatability, shareability, succinct ability to educate, collect laughs or throw impeccable shade make gif memes a staple of social media.
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Gif it to me baby!

With the innovation wars taking place right now on the different social channels, it’s safe to conclude that video, apparently, is everything. We’ve moved from a generation of ‘monkey see’ to ‘monkey do’ in how we as consumers want our content delivered, especially in the digital realm. Views rule and the data supports it. Content is 86% more likely to lead to a follow-through if it is video-based, than if it is purely text.

Think YouTube and how watching it is ultimately more satisfying than looking at static images. It is the gateway to the ‘living’ internet, complete with loads of ads that we all – honestly – can’t wait to press ‘Skip Ad’ on. Video-based content provides that pseudo-interaction that engages a viewer far greater than text or images can; more preferable to really get active listening and viewing e.g. when it comes to online tutorials.

Relatability, shareability, succinct ability to educate, collect laughs or throw impeccable shade make gif memes a staple of social media.

For the longest time, TV was the video beast, churning out programmes and advertising for the masses. Then came the web and all its video delights (and nightmares!). Now we’re in the age of mobile and its take on shareable video content.

Enter the GIF. Full name: graphic interchange format. Gifs are quite simply graphic images that move. They can loop endlessly or have a stop mechanism after a set of frames. They aren’t new net elements, but are now hugely popular. Gifs have moved from tacky little cliparts to more sophisticated video clips that make social media come alive. They are natural click bait (in a positive way) as the desire to see “what it does” is pretty high — basically because being moved by visual content isn’t enough, we have the innate desire to see it ‘do’ something.

Fantastic Gifs and Where To Find Them…

Giphy has made it easier to collect or put up your own content. It has evolved from merely a gif making platform to a gif search engine. You can basically find any emotion you’re looking for; putting a virtual face, to a feeling. But it’s not the only place to find gifs, that is, if you’re not making your own. Tumblr is where you go for the fun stuff and oddly enough, for newsworthy events, there’s BuzzFeed.

The ability to relate to them is part of the magic. Gifs tell stories in a way that’s just that much more fun, plus they are small enough to share and totally silent.

While they are fun and can add the element of expression that the sender can’t often relay, their use needs to be relevant. See, they can get a bit overkill. Especially when dealing with varied brands, one must be aware of the tone before posting a gif. Web banners though, are excellent sales opportunities to add moving images to grab attention.

<– Peep the one we did for Transerv, which added relevance to the #OneWay campaign