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Lobels Biscuits & Sweets:
A Tale of Sweet Nothings

Established way back in 1946 as part of a bread bakery plant, Lobels Biscuits & Sweets has over the years established itself as THE biscuit company, baking iconic snacks that generations of Zimbabwean families have loved. Working together with such a well-loved brand obviously required great collaboration and a shared vision. This partnership had that from the very beginning. We all knew that we believed Lobels was awesome, and everyone else, sweet tooth or not, should feel that way too.

The brief described a refreshing of the brand on a national scale, maintaining the recognisable appeal of local favourites, while upping the levels to international standards. Unpacking said brief would involve aligning messages on all channels, upgrading packaging, re-establishing brand tone while promoting the USPs of fun, family (the share factor) and taste quality. Read simply: to breathe new life into the brand.

The strategy involved looking at competitors (but not for too long obviously) and assessing how to amplify the USPs. We wholeheartedly embraced the fun element, setting to work on the Facebook page as the channel to connect with fans. People feel VERY passionate about their biscuits, so it was important to ensure this channel was lively.

FMCG thrives on being accessible, that’s why bright colours were super important to use.

Embracing the bold look also meant fresh photography to compliment some of the new look packaging. All the while these visual elements had to be enough to entice all ages.

The website was basically a static catalogue, so it was imperative to declutter and simplify it, and boost its life by adding livelier visuals.

Here is a sneak peek of the fun site (complete with fun zone), or better still, click here:

On top of this, the accessibility factor of the brand was amplified by the use of a vibrant newsletter with an easy sign up process, a first for company in this sector. Additionally, the social pages were kept busy with periodic competitions and giveaways. These small rewards are why Lobels Biscuits & Sweets remains a much-loved brand both on-and offline.

Now with a social media following of nearly 20,000 and counting, it’s clear that the quality promise that lies at the core of the brand is the same promise that Shift Engage applies to each piece of creative work created for them. The Lobels Sweets & Biscuits story shows the power of a brand that clearly knows what it stands for, while openly embracing innovation and creativity. It’s a winning recipe.

And that’s how the cookie crumbles.