Shift ENGAGE | Purpose Built Creative | Manifesto
With core disciplines in Integrated Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital and Retail, we are a full service advertising agency that builds brands. Our creative advertising strategy is targets. At Shift Engage we believe in creating more insightful Zimbabwe work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the Zimbabwean brands and the consumer, which delivers better marketing results for all our clients.
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Our Manifesto

We manifest creative thought into impactful work

We believe in creating more insightful work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the brands and the consumer, which delivers better results for all our clients.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo

In a world fed up to the brim with market analyses, product performance comparisons and sundry accompanying PowerPoint presentations, we often forget the simpler and purer workings of the mind. We quantify everything, leaving little room for the imagination. Yet everything mankind has created, and is creating, once only existed in the realm of the human mind. We have touched the moon, we have examined and understood our distant planetary neighbors, and we have peered out past the stars into the furthest recesses of the galaxies.

All of this was imagined first, then proven through observation. As our imagination has grown, so has our Universe. The same is true with our technology – with imagination first – then creation.

Imagine yourself back 30 odd years, to 1982. Personal communicators are as far-fetched as the popular TV series Star Trek. The Personal Computer is revolutionizing the business environment. The music industry is abuzz over the new benchmark in audio playback technology: the CD. The first movie incorporating computer generated effects, Tron, is released. This was the birth of the Age of Technology, and we were surely at the pinnacle of human achievement.

Fast forward to the present day. CDs are as obsolete as the cassette tape. DVDs are giving way to Blu-Ray, then to pure data. The birth of the cell phone is ancient history and even they have been replaced by smart phones; fully functional communicating computers carrying virtual libraries of music, games and movies in our pockets, always just one click away from the vast information highway we call the Internet, connecting us with friends, family and associates, wherever in the world they may be. The technological age is dead, and the Age of Information has been underway for years. Where will we be in another 30 years? Only our imagination can tell us that.

Indeed, the rate of technology evolution is accelerating so rapidly, we can expect to experience the equivalent of 20,000 years progress over the next century, in comparison to how far we have advanced previously. When we’re experiencing the legalization of driverless cars, transparent solar cells, femto-photography, and even the introduction of SixthSense technology, this rate of acceleration is not hard to imagine; but what we are actually going to create… well, that’s the trick isn’t it?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

This explosion of innovation is not born from of our ability to build; we have built robots to build for us, or our ability to analyze and predict; we have computer simulations for that as well. We can sound off reams of previous business leader acumen that prove the human power of prediction to be shaky at best. It did not come about due to our ability to quantify and collate, or our ability to market and promote. All of that comes after realizing the power of our

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. ~Carl Sagan

Our innovation stems from our ability to invent, and our inventions are born straight out of our imagination, created with the limitless power of the human mind. We don’t just invent things, we invent systems and ideas. We even invent things that cannot exist outside the realm of fiction they are presented in, for now at least. We imagine the unimaginable, and through our imagination we have created our world, we have observed our universe, and filled our lives with magic.