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With core disciplines in Integrated Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital and Retail, we are a full service advertising agency that builds brands. Our creative advertising strategy is targets. At Shift Engage we believe in creating more insightful Zimbabwe work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the Zimbabwean brands and the consumer, which delivers better marketing results for all our clients.
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Econet: 0782

The ‘Know Me. Know My Number’ campaign from Econet was developed around the creative concept of first impressions.  This campaign revolved around consumers’ ability to customise the last digits of their mobile number. Being unique is all about standing apart from the crowd and making yourself heard. The messaging itself needed to make a great first impression, one that was bold, hit hard and inspired deep curiosity.  We needed a big statement to make an even bigger first impression: using ‘I AM’ hinted at a confidence, a veritable self-assuredness, that was impossible to ignore. It heightened curiosity and  forced the audience to take note, and actively seek their own individuality. The line achieved what we wanted the consumer to believe in: that big statements and first impressions count, and their number could now do that for them.