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With core disciplines in Integrated Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital and Retail, we are a full service advertising agency that builds brands. Our creative advertising strategy is targets. At Shift Engage we believe in creating more insightful Zimbabwe work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the Zimbabwean brands and the consumer, which delivers better marketing results for all our clients.
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Transerv Oneway

Two words, one instruction. That was the ultimate simplicity that drove the #OneWay concept for Transerv. Serving a market overrun with shoddy and untrustworthy alternatives, this automotive parts and service giant used the #OneWay campaign to herald its arrival on the scene, while providing a compelling all-in-one recommendation and suggestion. The concept was adaptable across various media including video, outdoor and press, and could act as a call to action – performing dually as an effective hashtag while being superbly apt outdoor directional sign. The angle was also meant to ironically detail Transerv’s accessibility; indicating its nationwide footprint (i.e. one company, many branches; where wherever one chooses to go, their motoring needs are taken care of). Turning communication into a truly TTL experience and giving accessibility through various traditional and digital channels provides the benefit essential for customer consideration, making a brand a true lifestyle choice. Experiencing all this then, a connected consumer will obviously have it no other way.

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