Shift ENGAGE | Purpose Built Creative | This is how we do it: This is our #purpoSE
With core disciplines in Integrated Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital and Retail, we are a full service advertising agency that builds brands. Our creative advertising strategy is targets. At Shift Engage we believe in creating more insightful Zimbabwe work, work that engages and activates people in their everyday life, work that adds real value to the Zimbabwean brands and the consumer, which delivers better marketing results for all our clients.
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This is how we do it:
This is our #purpoSE

So what’s the big catch with this small agency? With a slew of awards and a great big batch of clients, there has to be something shady going on behind the scenes?

Not so.

All it is, is a defined sense of PURPOSE.

It’s the reason why something is created, made or exists, which is why everything we do at Shift Engage is built around PURPOSE. Each piece of advertising for every client is crafted around a relevant purpose; every campaign is designed to meet defined objectives and shaped to achieve results.

Advertising as a communication task involves strategy, design, copywriting, event management, branding, digital content creation and management. Allow us here then, to advertise ourselves…We are creative solution imagineers, selecting the best medium to shift perceptions and engage with consumers on a deeper level, turning fans into brand advocates, who don’t simply like a brand, but actively choose to make it a part of their lifestyle.

Every consumer interaction with a brand must be an experience, and effective advertising addresses this need to connect. Making sure that your expertise is utilised to the max and the clients wants and needs are fulfilled requires badass creative and shrewd strategic thinking. The thinking and creative can only be applied in answer to a well-crafted brief.

The guiding principles to getting to the essence of a brief include:

  • Decluttering your thinking, but keeping it fun! The simplest ideas are often the most impactful
  • Focusing on a core Big Idea that solves a problem and delivers on a promise and
  • Creating and curating content with a goal in mind. It’s easy to just post updates for the sake of it, but how does that turn leads into action? Even a #FBF post can generate revenue and direct traffic to your site, your page or your store if done correctly.


Using these as guidelines, you see that every piece of advertising communication for every client at Shift Engage is crafted around the PURPOSE of achieving results. Once you have identified, defined and achieved this purpose, only then can you think of the awards the work may bring. The recognition of our work at the Zimbabwe Ngoma Advertising Awards every year since we opened is always a plus, but accolades aside, the main goal is to deliver purposeful work for our clients, every time.

If we’ve charmed you enough and you would like to shift, have a look around at what we’ve done so far, and know that this – and a whole lot more – is what we can do for you.